We are a creative film production and CGI company based in London.


Our film and corporate video production services cover everything from creative direction and script development, through to live action filming, motion design and post-production.

We also house a leading visual effects studio that specialise in creating photo-real visual effects that help bring products and environments to life.

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CGI Renderings

We produce photo-realistic CGI renderings of interiors + exteriors of properties, pre-visualisations, floor-plan renderings and architectural fly-throughs. Read more…


We create unique animated films using a range of techniques and styles, including 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion, hand-drawn and digital animation. Read more…

Video Strategy

From planning to delivery, we can advise you on your video strategy and make sure your film reaches its desired audience, as well as helping to measure success. Read more…

Visual Effects

To add dynamism and weight to any film project, we create breathtaking visual effects that transform products and environments. Read more…

Creative Direction

Our team of creative producers is involved at all stages of the production process, ensuring that the vision of the client is achieved on time, and on budget. Read more…


We offer a full-range of post-production services, including editing, sound design, colour grading, compositing, soundtracks and video encoding. Read more…

Live Action Filming

Using top-of-the-range equipment, our vastly experienced production team delivers outstanding films for a variety of genres, industries and formats. Read more…

Production Management

We can help companies identify locations, secure permissions, manage schedules, coordinate cast and crew, rent equipment and provide technical support. Read more…


"Working with River Film on the Sterling-Arsenal Partnership TV Commercial was pure joy. I had never met them, found them online and they were able to deliver 100%. From understanding the brief to constantly following up where necessary and being absolutely professional. I loved that they made me feel very confident about their capabilities and took charge at all times. Will I be running to them next time? Absolutely, it was a great job well done."

− Daphne Akatugba, Sterling Bank Nigeria

"River Film impressed us most with how well they listened to what we wanted, it’s such a simple skill but so often ignored, and because of this they met our brief and expectations exactly. They delivered a very professional product in a very small timescale. Everyone at our conference loved it, and hopefully this will be the first of many."

− Helen Sharratt, Coolair

"We are able to use these films to tell the story of exactly what we are offering
in a neat and engaging piece. We will definitely continue to do more films in
the future and would love to look at doing films for company branding or for
our AGMs."

− Nikki Gibbard, Helicar Bar

"River Film was the facilitator of our Live Finale at the O2 in London, which was
a huge success. With their pride and professional way, it was only a pleasure
to have them as part of our team – not to mention showing us the best local pub!"

− Michelle Geeringh, Lucky Bean Media

"River Film sets itself apart from companies who do a similar thing in its
distinct approach – film first, CGI second. They come at it with a filmmaker’s
eye and happen to add some CGI to it, instead of making a piece of CGI with
people in it."

− Matt Flynn, Wordsearch

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